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5 Antworten zu “Contact

  1. Ein schöner Blog von Euch, herzlichen Glückwunsch ! Vielleicht habe ich tatsächlich einmal ein Thema, das Ihr verwenden könnt, mal sehen …

  2. Wirklich sehr spannend. Der Blog mit den Raubmöwen hat mich bisher am meisten belehrt. Ihr macht das wirklich sehr schön und spannend.
    Vielleicht finde ich noch ein Thema, was spannend wäre…
    Samuel Büttler

  3. Dear Jo and Ralph,
    thanks for nice websites dealing with calls. Also for newest one! I also analyzed some recordings of Siberian Accentors and Dunnock in Autumn and noticed that there seems to be variation between notes in Dunnock in flight calls, but less in Siberian. Did you notice this difference in your material? Anyway, nice article! Thanks. Best wishes Jarmo Pirhonen, Finland

    • ..I continue bit: The time between notes within single flight call seems to be variable in Dunnock from 0.03-0.06 sec and much less in Siberian (evenly spaced 0.03 sec). May be worthy to study more?

      • Hi Jarmo,
        thanks for your comment. Well I had measured this, too. However depending on the mood (?) of the bird, this seems to be extremely variable and there is a big overlap. Some Dunnocks have shorter pauses than the fastest Siberians and some have longer pauses.
        About the variability of the calls: It seems so, but maybe there is another explanation. Many Dunnock-recordings were taken early in autumn when the 1st year birds are still quite young and may still have problems to handle their calls. In contrast, most Siberian recordings were made in late autumn or winter when the calls of the 1st year birds should be more consolidated. So it is impossible to be sure about this without more material.
        All the best and keep recording!

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